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American Heroes Foundation is an Arizona based; IRS approved; 501(c)3 (EIN: 84-4049158).


Mission - We are dedicated to supporting the Health and Wellness of Military Veterans and First Responders.

Vision - Raise funds, donate dollars and time to recipient Military Veteran and First Responder Organizations. The selected organizations will support Veteran and First Responder Physical, Mental, and Emotional health.

Why?? - Our Veterans and First Responders need our support. We have to break the cycle of Suicide, Homelessness, and Helplessness of those who voluntarily and honorably serve to protect us.






PASSION: We love and believe in what we do.

INTEGRITY: Everyone involved will always act in a manner that never besmirches the organization or its members.

ENGAGEMENT: We want to reach as many of our heroes through more than just donations. We will directly engage our selected recipients with raised funds and volunteer hours.

FAMILY: Family is an integral part of every Veteran and First Responder. Family support can provide the additional strength needed to keep the future bright.


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We are one of 4 benefactors of  Elite's Hero Day Program at participating Golf Courses


American Heroes Foundation is delighted to have a wonderful community of partners and supporters. If you or your business is interested in becoming a partner, please contact us!


Portions of Krank Driver sales help support our Heroes


Portions of sales help support our Heroes

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The Official Closest To The Pin Sponsor


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PGA Hope provides golf lessons and equipment to our veterans. American Heroes Foundation wants to help by collecting people's excess/unwanted golf equipment. If you have items to donate please contact us and we will schedule a pick-up.

4 the Fallen is a  direct impact 501 (c) (3)non-profit organization in support of our countries heroes.  The High Impact Prosthetic, Certified Service Dogs, and Adaptive Sports programs were established to ensure that America's heroes receive services and access at no cost to them. 

Our goal is to provide a location to showcase other organizations that support our Heroes. If you would like to be part of our network please reach out.

Click on the logos below to check out our resources.

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                                   Project Refit

"A brotherhood, sisterhood, and Legion combating isolation as one."


Our vision is to offer resources and support to veterans struggling with mental disabilities like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. We will do outings to provide the brotherhood they might have lost and the safe space they need. We will also continue to uplift other local nonprofits that raise awareness.

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