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I have lived a blessed life and I wanted to give back to our community. Our Veterans are getting a lot of well-deserved love and respect. I feel it is imperative that we highlight our First Responders as well. Both groups voluntarily put their lives on the line to protect and defend every person in this country. They are exposed to horrific situations daily and they need our respect and support. 

I wanted to create an organization that supports our Veterans and First Responder's health and wellness needs. We need an environment for our Heroes that is friendly, understanding, and supporting. We will create a support system of like-minded people for our Heroes who may not have anyone in their corner.  We must raise awareness for the out of control suicide rate of Veterans and First Responders. Many people are aware of the 20-22 a day for our vets, but how many know First Responders have a suicide rate twice the national average?

PTSD is another scourge that affects our Heroes and is a precursor to suicide. We need to raise funds to support research and treatment. There are viable, proven, and patented treatments that require no medications. These treatments allow our Heroes to function normally in society. We are actively engaged with lawmakers and the VA to bring these methods to light. Everyone deserves every opportunity to get treatment and get on the road to recovery.

I want to send my sincere thanks to those who have been instrumental in getting this off the ground. One person or group cannot do this alone. This organization is the epitome of “it takes a village”. Our organization seeks and welcomes all input. American Heroes Foundation is not one person’s organization. This organization is for every Veteran and First Responder who either need our help, or want to give back to their fellow Heroes.


My personal mission is to provide support and service to those who support us. We will do this in an outstanding, and upstanding manner. I want to join forces with other organizations with similar goals. I would love to see more interaction and cooperation among these groups. In the end we are all reaching for similar goals so let us work together when possible, and pool our resources.  We are always looking for help, expertise, and dollars. If you have any desire to be part of an organization that support our Heroes please reach out.

Thank you to all our Heroes for doing things most people would not. We rely on you to be there for us, so please know we are here for you. On behalf of myself and American Heroes Foundation, Thank you.

Tony Miller



Tony Miller


USAF Spec Ops (Ret)

Jane Miller


Military Spouse

Richard Alsen


USAF (Ret)


Jay McNabney

Mentorship & Fundraising

Hero Program CEO, Elite Events & Elite Fundraising Solutions SR.VP, Krank Golf

Daniel De La Garza

Director of Community Outreach


Joel Pedersen

Chris Herrbach

Community Outreach

Veteran Family Member

IT Engineer, Lumen Technologies

American Heroes Golf Tour Director of Golf

Army Vet & DHS

Casey Dorrell

AD Of Community Outreach

Army (Ret),

SW Section PGA Hope Ambassador

Chandler Brown

American Heroes Golf Tour Director of Golf

USAF Vet & RV Finance Manager

Tom Casey

Tournament Coordinator


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